Fiona Rourke

Fiona Rourke is a maker and Kaleider resident with experience of how creative technology can bring a different perspective to health care experiences during isolation. She is an Art and Design Lecturer at Exeter College, with over 10 years experience in design and production.

Rhoslyn Butler 

Rhoslyn Butler is a propmaker, leatherworker and general tinkerer and has contributed to the quick paced developments testing new materials and sourcing supplies as required to meet the requirements of the teams. She brings with her a wealth of experience in managing spaces and people.

Rosie Hawkins

Rosie Hawkins is a freelance event producer across the corporate, charity and education sectors. She has been instrumental in supporting new assembly sites opening up, volunteer coordination and making sure that face shields are assembled and ready in a timely and efficient way.

Frazer Anderson

Frazer Anderson is Managing Director of Exclusiv3D with local expertise in 3D printing for high quality outputs. He has been supporting the co-design processes, guiding the technical specifications and operating 3D printers to keep making face shields. 

Jocelyn S Mills

Jocelyn is a producer working in art, technology and public space. She usually works for Kaleider on national and international distribution, and brings her expertise in managing projects, volunteer management and getting day-to-day operations right.

Katherine Stevens

Katherine is an Exeter based arts producer, poet, playwright and theatre practitioner. She is Executive Director of The Young Pretenders theatre company, working with young people in Exeter to create powerful and engaged theatre, giving young voices ambitious and influential platforms. She manages the social media and helps keep the digital side of the project moving. 

Hugh McCann

Hugh is an Exeter based artist and founding director of Alright Mate? CIC, which uses participatory art projects to destigmatise conversations around male mental health. He is supporting digital elements of the project including website and visuals. 

Union Studio

Union Studio is an Exeter based design studio with clients ranging from Arts Council England to University Of The Arts London. They have been supporting design and branding elements of the project. 

Rupa Chilvers

Rupa Chilvers has been leading innovation programmes working with the NHS & care teams with over 20 years experience in health and care.

Stuart Robb

Stuart is an entrepreneur and investor with 14 years CEO and board experience in data, tech, charity and the arts.

Mark Cotton

Mark Cotton works at Board level supporting charities and social purpose projects and closely aligned to major ventures in the South West.

Adolfo De Sanctis

Physicist, manufacturing specialist and senior fusion reactor designer has been a crucial advisor on design production.


Kaleider is an international production studio based in Exeter. It plays on the edges of installation, live performance and digital to produce artworks for audiences around the world. The studio delivers a range of innovation and production programmes that support individuals and companies working in the Creative Industries. 

University of Exeter

'At the University of Exeter we combine teaching excellence and high levels of student satisfaction with world class research. The University community have kindly provided 3D printing equipment and supplies. 

Exeter College

Exeter College is a large, thriving and growing tertiary college. We have been collaborating with their faculties of Art & Design and Engineering, Aerospace & Automotive on the manufacture of our masks.

Preston Street Films

Preston Street Films is an Exeter based documentary and branded video production company. We have years of experience working with high-profile national and international clients creating award winning films. We know that video can revolutionise a brand's relationship with their customers and we focus on producing video content that sells more than just a product. We create real films, that tell real stories.

FabLab Devon

A small-scale workshop offering digital fabrication. It’s an open access, not-for-profit, community resource where anybody can invent and make just about anything.

Basically Wooden

Andrew and Sue Garrett are a local business creating unusual and extraordinary products using a combination of joinery and laser cutting expertise. They have generously turned their hands and machines to helping us produce transparent shields. 

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